After months of dreaming and researching your tour will become a reality…..

Here are some tips to help you on your way

  1. Get miles into your legs – get cycling fit
  2. Train consistently especially the weeks leading up to the tour 
  3. Get used to cycling on different surfaces that you may experience on the route – especially sand
  4. Consider the route – practice climbing hills
  5. Be flexible- add cycling to your daily routine- don’t leave it to the last few weeks- start early
  6. Push yourself – the more you prepare the more you will enjoy yourself on the day
  7. Train in a variety of weather conditions – especially when it is hot 
  8. Get familiar with handling your bike – make sure you are very comfortable with your bike handling and functions-changing gears, braking and adjusting the bike- comfort is the king!
  9. You may need some physical conditioning to prepare.  Adequate preparation will make your ride experience even more enjoyable
  10. Due to the number of thorns encountered along the route, tubeless tires are a must.
  11. If you are riding an e-bike, make sure you understand the dynamics of riding on gravel roads and rough terrain. Ensure your battery caters for the duration of the tour. 
Garry Corbett (journalist and avid cyclist)
Garry Corbett (journalist and avid cyclist)
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“While it is good to mix up your workouts with cardio and weight bearing exercises, it is essential that you fit some riding time in your weekly workouts. Cycling regularly will activate different muscle groups, as well as get you used to sitting in your seat (or 'saddle') for long periods.”

Your entry fee is R 7 000 per cyclist.

Find out what is included in this fee and what is not included.