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Where will Hoedspruit Rotary use the funds that will be raised through this unique event?  Just what is the purpose behind the Fund Raising ?

Living in the area that we do, it is impossible for us not to be effected daily by the well documented scourge of Rhino Poaching.     Therefore, Hoedspruit Rotary has decided to add in their support and contribution to this abomination and to create an event that can take us closer to both the region and the victims of this crime as well as to “put our money where our mouths are” and to contribute ourselves to those directly in the firing line and directly involved with the protection of this national heritage on a daily basis.

Rhino Poaching Stats are on an alarming increase year on year.   

In 2010, the number of rhino poached was only 333;

In 2011, the number of rhino poached increased to 448

In 2012, the number of rhino poached further increased to 668

In 2013, it then then shot over the 1000 mark with a total of 1004

In 2014, it then increased further to 1215

And to date - in 2015, there is an indication that there will be a further 18% increase in poaching so far.   With this kind of increase it is suspected that possibly more than 2000 rhino will be illegally killed in South Africa alone.   

To date there are about 150 different organisations involved in addressing this problem, some are exceptionally effective and others swallow up monies in bureaucracy and admin heavy processes.   As a result, Hoedspruit Rotary has decided to give the money directly to those on the ground and specifically to the anti-poaching teams on the properties through which we will be cycling (ie Timbavati, Thornybush, Kapama and Blue Canyon).   These are the people who are at the “coal face” of the war against poaching.   

The cost of a properly trained tracker dog along can cost R80 - R100 000.  Many rhino’s are shot or tranquilised by poachers, their horns hacked off and the rhinos left alive but in a critical condition.  It can then cost around R100 000.00 to nurse a rhino in such a state, back to life.  Tjerefore it is important for Hoedpsruit Rotary to give money directly to those involved in these day to day activites and to support the with the heavy costs in fighting this ongoing war.  

The profits obtained from this event will be distributed as follows:

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