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There are a number of reasons that the format of a Cycle Tour vs a Cycle Race has been selected .....

Why a Cycle TOUR and not a Cycle RACE

Although the first and primary reason is the safety of all riders participating, a major contributing factor to this decision is the phenomenal landscape and the opportunity to maximize the benefit of this fantastic opportunity.

Instead of a race format whereby all cyclists would have their heads down and be riding as fast as they possibly can, the organisers have elected for a cycle tour format to allow for cyclists to “take time and smell the roses” and to truly be able to take in the enormous privilege it is to ride in such a special area.  


The main purpose of the event is not to see who can cycle through Big 5 reserves the fastest but rather to allow cyclists to slow down, and take time to enjoy and appreciate the phenomenal experience and privilege that is being offered to them through participating in the K2C Cycle Tour.

Not only is there the opportunity to view some phenomenal game along the way, and the event organisers encourage all cyclists to stop and spend time with some of the game when they feel inspired to do so, but as the route heads towards the Blyde River Canyon (the 3rd largest Canyon in the world and the Greenest Canyon in the World), the surrounding views of the Northern Drakensberg Mountains and the mouth of the canyon are just phenomenal and worth stopping to take in or photograph.

As mentioned above, the primary contributing factor is the safety of the participating cyclists.    Through a Tour Format with potentially a slightly slower cycling pace, it is easier to keep control of a cycling pelaton should a situation occur firstly, and secondly, with cyclists riding at a slightly slower and more relaxed pace as well as the ability to keep their heads up and not just focus on the road under their wheels, there is a greater chance for cyclists to see both exciting game sightings as well as any potentially dangerous situated beforehand.

The aim of this event is to offer cyclists a fantastic and unique game viewing opportunity while enjoying the pleasures of doing so from ontop of a bicycle.

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